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Terms, Conditions & Data Privacy Policies

The term, conditions and data privacy policies Will help you to understand all about how to use our application and Will provide some information clearly and accurately.
Is necessary that you read all the information that Will be given below and accept terms and conditions
Napoleon secret chat, belong to the company Napoleon systems S.A.S and all rights

About our application

Napoleon secret chat, from now “napoleon systems S.A.S”, “Napoleon”, “Napoleon chat”, “company”, “us ”, ”our”, the app “, is an instant message application that allow send text message, images, audio, video, documents and make private and secure calls and video calls. Through this application you can communicate with your relatives and Friends. Napoleon secret chat uses an end to end encryption for all text and multimedia messages. we are aware about the privacy of our user´s, due to all of this we provide a highly secure channel. Guaranteeing that third parties cannot access their information

¿What you need to use NapoleoN Secret Chat?

You must have a cell phone with Android or IOS operating system, plus an active phone number and a username.
For devices with Android operating system it is necessary to have a version greater than or equal to Android 5.0 lollipop.
For devices with IOS operating system it is necessary to have a version equal to or higher than IOS 8.0.

Registration in NapoleoN:

at the moment of register into the application we Will send a text message with a verification code in order to verify that is an available number and not a machine who intend to Access our system

¿how do I recover my account?

in case you have lost your phone or you have change your cell phone and want to recover it, you should answer two security questions and enter the 8-digit pass that you used in initial registration. we may ask some personal information only for recovery and register purpose.


our application is designed to give you a private and secure message service, so that only you and your recipient know the information you send.


With Napoleon Secret Chat Users can control the time your message will be destroyed in the chat of your contacts and groups, of which can be: 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 30-minute, 1 hour, 12-hour, 1 day and 7 days.
This time is customized and independent of what your contacts use.

Chat groups:

You can create chat groups, where only the group administrator would add or remove any member of the group, as well as delegate other users as group administrators; besides changing name and profile picture.
Each person can control the time your message will be destroyed in the chat of your groups as soon was read it.

Look screen capture:

We protect and care your security; Napoleon Secret Chat do not allow screenshots. unless accept that the other user makes a screenshot. If someone try to make a screenshot you Will be the first one in know it through a notification and be able to accept or deny the screenshot.

Block users:

You Will be able to block the users who wish. By going to the contact and choosing the option to block contact. This way, the blocked user cannot have contact with you, unless you unlock them.

Privacy policies

Napoleon Secret Chat ensure for protect your privacy. For this is that has been designed in order that the information contained in the messages that you send through the application do not store and always be confidential.

Information we share:

Napoleon Secret Chat will not share your information or that of your contacts, whether they are call, video, photos, text messages, audio or video, with no governmental, private or natural entity. This application will not sell, assign or distribute personal information that is collected without your consent, unless required by a judge a court order. Our servers are located in a country with a strong security law data protection.

Information we store in NapoleoN Secret Chat:

We do not storage any information sent for users such as: pictures, documents, voice or video calls, text messages in our servers. We Will request for a nickname and phone number only for recovery account and registration purposes. this data won’t be marketed. neither request for an email.

We only use a minimum data necessary for the operation of the application, such as phone number, nickname, profile status or personal frase, and other similar that company believes is convenient. Once your contact has read any type of message include multimedia, they are automatically deleted depending of self-destruction time that you set, without leaving a trace on our server and your mobile phone. We take care of your privacy.

Recovery options:

You can recover Napoleon Secret Chat account just sign in your nickname, account password and answering two security question; if you do not wish answer security questions you will not t be available to recover in a future your account, in case of change your mobile phone, lose your number or mobile phone.


Napoleon Secret Chat can ask for Access to your contact list only with the aim of found people who use the same application and have a better experience. at no time any kind of data will be storage about your contacts.


Napoleon Secret Chat do not storage any message, as soon as message arrive to addressee is deleted of our servers.
Napoleon Secret Chat use a cipher to all end to end information, thus provide security to all our users avoiding any kind of attack like man in the middle or identity theft.

Napoleon Secret Chat has a strong cipher protocol that use asymmetric cryptography in elliptic curves Curve25519 that guarantee security and message protection.

Ads and advertising:

We do not share any sort of publicity through our App. At no time you will not be interrupt by links or advertisement. Neither we allow you receive banner or third party advertisement in napoleon secret chat.

Compatible devices:

devices with android systems must be at least have android 5.0 lollipop or higher. Devices with IOS systems must be at least IOS 8.0.


Must be at least 14 years of age to be able to use NapoleoN Chat services (or the minimum age required in your country to receive authorization to use our Services without parental permission). Otherwise parental permission or tutors that accept terms and condition on your behalf.


whether you want to use our services you should have an internet connection or data services acquired through a mobile operator. the fee or changes causes by your mobile phone are independent of our services.


Napoleon Secret Chat Will be free during the time determined by the company Napoleon Systems S.A.S., being in complete freedom to charge for this service at the time that it deems convenient.


Once you complete the purchase or transaction for your services when appropriate, we will send a payment confirmation and invoice payment, either through third parties or download store. .

Legal uses of NapoleoN Secret Chat:

and use our Services only for legal, authorized and acceptable purposes. You will not use (or help others to use) our services in ways that (a) violate, misappropriate, or infringe upon the rights of NapoleoN Secret Chat, our users or others. By continuing to use our services, you confirm and acceptance of our privacy policy. With any modification. If you do not agree with our privacy policy and its modifications, you must stop using our services. Please review our privacy policy periodically.


You must not (nor help others to) access, use, copy, adapt, modify, prepare works that are derivative of our Services, nor distribute, license, sublicense, transfer, display, execute, or exploit in any other way our Services in unauthorized or prohibited ways, or in ways that affect, damage, or compromise us, our Services, our systems, our users or other persons. You must also no send, storage or transfer any kind of malicious virus.

Policy changes:

we can modify our terms and conditions any time through updates in our app or web page. therefore, reviewing you agree the privacy policies to be aware of the changes that may occur.

Availability of our services:

Services may be interrupted any time for maintenance or update within a reasonable period of time, after that time the company Will notify end user any change or damage.

Expiration of the account:

By policies of Napoleon Secret Chat, Those accounts With higher than 6 months inactivity Will be disabled and users Should Create new account. Nickname who has been used for that disable account, will be available for any user.


Accept the download and installation of application updates, even automatically.

Access to emergency services:

Napoleon secret chat it is not the suitable medium to communicate a emergency to immediate response entities. through this app you cannot dial to emergency lines. you should be sure that can use emergency services throughout phone line.

Conflict resolution:

Conflicts that arise between Napoléon Secret Chat and the user will be resolved through arbitration tribunal of the country where the conflict occurred. This means that you waive a right to file a lawsuit through the ordinary courts.

Proper use of our services:

You undertake to use the application in a appropriate manner, without aggression by this means, or use Napoleon Secret Chat for criminal acts. You should not:
• Perform illegal acts, this is contrary to national and international standards.
• Commit obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, aggressive or offensive acts.
• Promote illegal or inappropriate behaviors such as the commission of crimes enshrined in the Penal Code.
• distribute or share fake news, false statements
impersonate the identity of others.

Rights of the users:

you have the right to use the application under your responsibility. also you have the right to:
– be the owner of the information that you send through our services
– delete your account when wish.
– enjoy privacy and security.
– access to general information about the app.


All the responsibility for acts committed through Napoleon Secret Chat, will be in charge of users; in no case will there be any place to attribute contractual or any other liability to NapoleoN Secret Chat due to actions taken by the users or improper uses of the application. we do not guarantee that our services will be exempt errors, interruptions or delays. We do not offer any express or implied guarantee regarding services we provide, such as: marketability guarantees, absence of computer viruses or other type of harmful code; therefore, it exonerates the company Napoleon Secret Chat S.A.S and to all the people that work on behalf of Napoleon Secret Chat about any kind of responsibility. We Will not be responsible for complaints, law suit or claim against third parties. Napoleon Secret Chat Will not responsible of any loss of profits or any damage derived or caused by the connection to Napoleon Secret Chat, even if you have notified to Napoleon Secret Chat an existent damage or danger.

Responsibility of the users:

you are responsible to keep in secret your access keys, and not allow other users use your device. you are responsible of keep safe your phone to avoid theft by third parties.

Compensation for damages:

You agree to indemnify Napoleon Secret Chat for breaching your obligations as an user, for damages, losses or damages of any kind caused to our company arising from access to our services, for the Branch of our terms and conditions or erroneous statements. You Will also be willing to cooperate in favor of Napoleon Secret Chat in case you are required.

Termination of our services:

Our services could end or be suspended temporarily or permanently due to internal decisions of the organization or external events such as natural disasters or other fortuitous events and events of force majeure.

We reserve the right to cancel your account or terminate the services in full for any reason justified or not and at any time, but the user’s responsibilities will endure in relation to everything stated in this document.


We limit our rights to provide our services in specific country. You Will not use our services in a country where the application is restricted. You Will not export our services in any way to individual or countries where it is prohibited due to export laws for illicit purposes in the regulation of that country.


Our application does not use cookies.


The copyrights of the Napoleon Secret Chat, belong in an integral and legal manner to Napoleon Systems S.A.S, any copy, forgery, replication or imitation, will result in the carrying out of all corresponding legal actions by the company. We own all the copyrights, trade secrets, patents, logotype, commercial images and other industrial and intellectual property.
The Brand and its logo called NapoleoN is registered in the international trademark systems, so that none third party can acquire rights over the trademark or register an identical or similar denomination. You can only use the trademark, our copyright, domains, commercial images, logos, patents and other intellectual property rights, if you have a permission obtained explicitly and legally by the company Napoleon Systems S.A.S.

OFFICAL language

For clarity in case of interpretation of this document, the original version is in spanish, so this will be the binding.


Any waiver or modification of out terms, condition and privacy policies must be expressly authorized by the manager of the company Napoleon Systems S.A.S., or whoever he designates.

Nor can you transfer your rights or obligations to a third party without our prior consent.

Complaints and suggestions

We Will attentive to your comments, complaints and suggestions, which we Will use to improve our services without having to compensate you for it or that you can claim rights over the ideas or proposals that you share with us.

External suppliers

We work together with external suppliers that help us operate and provide our company with the functionality of this, such as messaging, storage and linking.
Napoleon Secret Chat hires the best server providers around the world, but even that, the company is not responsible for the failure or malfunction of these serves or external companies hired.

Delete account.

You can delete your account whenever you want Napoleon secret Chat will not store your personal information or that of your contacts.

Contact us:

It will be a pleasure for us, to receive your comments and suggestions.

We are improving day by day to offer a service of excellent quality.
Remember that our priority is your “PRIVACY”.
Do not hesitate to write to our email:
If you have any technical questions, write to:

Remember, that with Napoleon Secret Chat,
“your PRIVACY, it’s just YOURS.”